Providing your business with the tools and guidance to create an impactful digital marketing strategy.

Who we are

With over 40 years of combined experience running digital marketing agencies, our team has the knowledge and expertise that has helped hundreds of businesses connect with their target markets online. Having a solid presence online is essential to running a successful business. The Social Speak Network is designed for business owners and marketing managers to learn the most effective ways to position yourself online.

What we do

After years of creating strategies and managing marketing campaigns for our clients, we are excited to share all of our knowledge with the members of the Social Speak Network. From branding to social media and Facebook Ads to SEO and Analytics, the exclusive information and resources are exactly what you need to move your business to the next level. These are tried and true tactics that we use in our own business to help our clients succeed.

Membership Benefits

As a member to the Social Speak Network, you receive monthly access to our exclusive resources, webinars, checklists, and tutorials on social media, branding, email marketing, business management, and productivity. You also will be invited to join the Social Speak Network Private Facebook Group, a place where you will have direct access to us and other business professionals who are facing the same challenges as yourself. In this group we respond to questions, hold live mastermind sessions, and connect you to other resources you may not know are available to grow your business.

How to Join

Joining the Social Speak Network is easy! We offer a 30 day trial of our network for $9.97. After the trial ends, you will automatically be enrolled in our monthly membership of $37. With the option to cancel anytime and the ability to also pay annually or for a lifetime membership, we have the exact options you are looking for that will make sense for your business.

Start Optimizing your Digital Marketing Today

Join the Social Speak Network for full access to trainings, Q&A’s, resources, interviews, mini courses, and articles to help you see more return from your marketing efforts. Topics discussed each month include: social media, branding, email marketing, website function and design, and business development. Please select your membership below!


Social Speak Network

All membership levels include:

  • Exclusive online resources
  • Tutorials, trainings, and masterminds
  • Access to Members Only Facebook Group
  • Email notifications for new resources and upcoming Facebook events
  • Live Q&A Sessions
  • Full access to the Social Speak Network and Managers via Facebook Group

Do you often find yourself thinking that there must be a better way to run a social media campaign or make sure that your digital marketing is actually getting you in front of the right people?

Do you spend hours clicking through blogs to find the solution to a seemingly simple question about Instagram or keyword research?

Now there is a solution for you! The Social Speak Network is comprised of 4 professionals with over 40 years of combined experience creating strategies and managing marketing campaigns for organizations around the world. We are made of social media marketers, advertisers, website developers, and branding coaches and have joined forces to provide business owners and marketing professionals with the tried and true tactics to help you better position yourself online.

The Social Speak Network not only provides our members with access to checklists, workbooks, and tutorials, but through our members only Facebook Group we give you direct access to our expertise. Simply ask a question or jump on one of our Live masterminds and you’ll get real answers to your questions.


Common Questions

Who is the Social Speak Network for?

The Social Speak Network is designed to help business owners, solopreneurs, marketing directors, and marketing managers who need a go-to source for making sure they are keeping up with best practices and marketing strategies that will help them see a return on their marketing online. Though we do teach some basic introductory tutorials, our goal is to provide you with the in depth action steps that you can actually implement today. Some of the techniques are technical processes that we have spent years perfecting. However in depth we go, our goal to get you positioned to take your marketing to the next level!

How is this different from hiring you for consulting?

Historically we have worked with hundreds of businesses providing one-to-one consulting, but as our practices grow, so does the cost. The Social Speak Network creates an avenue for you to have access to all of the resources that we create and provide to our consulting clients, as well as the direct access to our knowledge, and you also have the benefit of connecting to other professionals who are also implementing tactics to better position themselves online.

How do I know when I can reach you online?

Each week we send our members an email with the resources published or highlights from the week before and a schedule of any Live events. Every tutorial, video, or download we share on the members only website will also be shared to our exclusive Facebook Group. Though you can shoot us an email, we do urge our members to post in the Facebook Group as a way to help other members who may be asking themselves the same question.

Can I just take a peak before deciding to join?

Sure! The membership to Social Speak Network includes the option to sign up for a one month trial for $9.97. During this trial you have full access to all the resources of a member including access to the exclusive Facebook Group. You can cancel at any time.