Advanced Video Strategies for Healthcare

How to stand apart from competition and gain new patients utilizing Video Marketing.

Using video is such a powerful marketing tool because it helps you to increase patient trust and keeps you top of mind, increase the ROI of other digital marketing efforts, and video is great for SEO.

In this Free Guide you will learn:

  • Checklist for your Video Marketing
  • A Review of How Video Fits in your Marketing Strategy
  • Health and Wellness Topic Ideas to Get Started
  • Key considerations for Search Engine Optimization on YouTube
  • Apps to Use to Get the Most Traction from your Healthcare Marketing Videos

Effectively Run Your Video Strategy

Meet Social Speak

Digital Marketing Management for Healthcare Professionals

caitlin mcdonald and amber irwin social speak network
Caitlin McDonald, MBA and Amber Irwin

We work with health and wellness marketing departments and physicians to ensure their healthcare digital marketing and content marketing is fulfilling the goals of their practice.

Our healthcare clients find peace of mind that each aspect of their digital marketing is working to attract new patients and facilitate increased clinic awareness for their specialties. The Social Speak Marketing Management leads prospects through their patient journey and increases the ROI of the practice’s digital marketing efforts.

Our clients are values-based healthcare professionals that believe in building long-lasting relationships with their patients through trust, authenticity, and education.

Our goal through our work together is to help you stay focused on providing the best service to the patients who walk in the door, while we make sure you are putting your best foot forward online.

We provide you with real advice and proven digital marketing management strategies you need to most effectively grow your healthcare practice.