Let’s face it, coming up with blog topics is difficult even for the most creative writer. This blog post covers 25 blog post ideas for your business!

  1. Your story and the story of the business: This personal information draws readers in a helps to put a face to your business. Through being authentic, you can help to build lasting relationships with clients and prospects.
  2. Provide look into the behind-the-scenes of your business: Are there any projects you are working on? How about any insights into how you structure your day? A post like this, again, shows your personal side, but also works to teach others with less experience how they can manage their time more effectively.
  3. Feature one of your services or products: Your services and product pages can only share so much about the specific product or service. Use your blog as an avenue to dig deeper.
  4. Dive down deep into your values: Business nowadays is all about showing your authentic self. Your values help others to truly understand your why and what it will be like to work with you.
  5. Feature an interview with a professional in your industry: Not only will this be educational for your readers, but you can also benefit from connecting with another professional in your industry. LinkedIn can provide a great first touch for these interviews.
  6. Compare two apps or pieces of software that you use: If you are like most business owners I know, you have tried a hanndful of apps from tools to schedule social media posts to CRMS, accounting software, and more. Highlight the pro’s and con’s of two different apps for your readers.
  7. Write an informational post about a service you offer: Rather than just featuring a service, provide a case study and what people can expect from using your services.
  8. Create a checklist for how a reader could implement a service you offer: With so much free information online, it is okay to give away some information about how you do business. This checklist should be pretty robust, but doesn’t need to include EVERYTHING you do for your clients. An example is with our Blogging eBook.
  9. Review a book about your industry that you recently read: Book reviews show that you want to stay on top of industry trends. It not only provides a resource for your clients to learn more, but dives into some of the interests you have within your business.
  10. Explain a misconception in your industry: Everyone likes myth buster posts! Take the time to explain a misconception you often hear from your clients and the truth that you have seen.
  11. Answer the top 3 questions you receive from clients: We all receive questions from our clients and prospects. Though a FAQ page can answer many of these questions, you can also write longer answers in blog posts!
  12. Share a free resource: PDF’s can create an incredible way to capture someone’s contact information. Using PowerPoint, you can create a hig quality pdf for the download.
  13. Explain the secrets to your business:
  14. Identify your ideal client and tell their story
  15. Interview one of your mentors about what makes them so successful
  16. Share a testimonial
  17. Feature another service
  18. Create an infographic
  19. Explain a misconception in your industry
  20. Highlight important events in your business
  21. Feature one of your employees/teammates/contractors
  22. Tell a story about your background and history
  23. Share your brand mission
  24. Explain the meaning behind your name
  25. Write a blog post listing topics to write about 🙂

25 blog topics for your business