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Facebook Advertising in Health and Wellness

In this podcast episode we talk about how Facebook Ads work and the top benefits for having a Facebook ad campaign running for your wellness business. The first benefit is getting in front of new people, new prospects. So you’re actually helping your business see an ROI from the social media efforts that you have. […]

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Engaging Patients and Prospects with Empathy – Interview with Rod Thomas of Scorpion

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Rod Thomas is a Director of Regional Sales for Scorpion Healthcare, an award-winning digital marketing partner that has helped more than 250 hospitals and healthcare providers improve their digital presence and achieve their business goals. Rod has consulted on digital strategy for healthcare organizations of varying sizes and services – […]


Search Engine Marketing Advice – Interview with Stephen Merrigan of Merrigan Media

In today’s healthcare marketing podcast we have the privileged of interviewing Stephen Merrigan of Merrigan media. Stephen has a track record for success when it comes to marketing online. Through a combination of marketing and copy writing for advertisements and sales, Stephen Merrigan understands how to target the right customers and make your product or […]

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Podcast Interview with Shannon Kuykendall – Linkedin Lead Generation Specialist

Shannon Kuykendall (Kirk-ken-doll) is a Digital Marketer Certified Partner and the Founder of Up Automation, Linkedin Lead Generation Services. She started Up Automation in 2015 after working in the Coaching and Personal Development industry as a Technical Virtual Assistant at Creative VA Services for 12 years. As an agency owner, Shannon struggled to get new […]

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Patient Experience, Brand Awareness, and Transactional Marketing for Healthcare – Interview with Daniel Goldberg of Gold Medical Marketing

In this week’s podcast, I had the honor of interviewing Daniel Goldberg, Founder and CEO of Gold Medical Marketing. Daniel Goldberg is widely regarded as a pioneer in Medical Marketing and Public Relations and was an integral part of the transition to Direct to Patient Marketing. Daniel’s unique knowledge of the business of healthcare and […]

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LinkedIn Marketing in 2019 an Interview with Deb Krier of the Business Power Hour

For more than 10 years, Deb has worked with professionals to optimize their use of LinkedIn. As the founder of Wise Women Communications, a full-service marketing agency, she sees LinkedIn as a vital marketing tool for professionals at any level. Throughout her career, Deb has worked with corporations and nonprofit organizations developing and maximizing their […]


Three Tested Ways To Integrate Your Patient Personas Into Your Medical Practice Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing articles often talk about understanding your buyer persona or your target market, but often times you need to read between the lines to find tactics that you can implement for your health care center. In this article we take advice from some of the top marketing experts for medical center marketing and highlight how […]

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Behind the Scenes Look at How Your Orthopedic Practice Should Use Digital Marketing – Interview with Chris Carr founder for Farotech

Farotech is a comprehensive, growth-driven digital marketing agency that implements a systematic approach to lead generation, nurturing and conversion by utilizing scalable web design, cutting edge inbound strategies, and creative video development. In this interview with CEO and founder, Chris Carr, we focused on inbound marketing, web design, and video marketing for the healthcare industry. We covered: How Inbound Marketing, […]