When your customers love your beer and brewery, they want to help build your brand! They want to be able to share your brewery with their friends and family. In today’s world of Social Media it is VERY simple for them to do that as long as you have the right strategies in place. Remember it is more than just posting onto Facebook and Twitter, it is about getting your hands dirty and letting those that love your brewery get involved in the process!

3 Tips to build your “Online Beer Brand” 

  • Tell Your Story: Behind each great brewery there is a unique story to be told! For example Sam Adam’s founder Jim Koch fondly tells his story on the back of the Boston Lager six pack. He found his grandfather’s lager recipe in his fathers attic, brewed the first batch it in his kitchen, and with a little tweaking, Boston Lager was born. The rest is history, with the creation of Boston Lager Jim Koch began the highly successful Sam Adams Brewery. Through that story they were able to build “trust” amnugst their fans! This is KEY, once you have told your story and built that trust you have a loyal customer for life!


  • Create a Clear Identity: Your image embodies your brand. The reason why craft beer is so fascinating is that each has a unique identity. Craft your identity using traits you feel closely align with your personal brand. Remember, once your image has been set out into the world, it can be hard to change or retract it. Your identity should show something about your story!


  • Stay the Course: Once you begin the branding process, stay consistent throughout social media, websites, marketing materials etc. You do this so your customers and potential customers will recognize who you are and already have an idea what you are about. Without consistency, your brand will seize to exist.  Along those lines of being consistent you also must be able to make adjustments. You may want to update website images, and social media images as needed, still staying consistent with your brand!  To find out which areas of your branding campaign may need adjustment, talk to your customers and monitor your brand!
Follow these three steps and your brand will continue to remain true and your core values will shine through! Your craft beer brand will thrive!!! There are so many opportunities out there for craft breweries to be able to thrive online and build an amazing online and offline community. We would love to help your brewery with their online marketing strategy! Please call us today for a FREE 1 hour consultation and strategy session (720)338-6996 or email Marketing@TheBIMSTeam.com we look forward to working with you soon!