Blogging for your business?

We are used to thinking of blogs as informal pieces of writing.  Even so, it  is important to recognize that your company blog reflects directly on your company. When blogging for your business, you must share professional quality posts.

Treat every post as a product.  A blog post, like a product, will only be useful if others want to use it. Write content you believe people will be interested in reading about.  Tip: before publishing a blog, tweet a question that pertains to the blog. You can gauge the responses to the question and then determine if your content is of interest.

Producing your own media content is essential to creating a quality blog.  Use your own images and graphics and incorporate them into your topic. Be sure to link your visuals to your original blog post to boost your exposure.

To add value to your blog posts, include research on topics, not just opinions. Use examples to add in-depth coverage to your posts. Cite reliable sources for your readers.

Don’t hold back on the content you post just because it is available on the internet. Showcasing your expertise and knowledge on a blog shows viewers that you are good at what you do.

Run your blog like you run your business. Keep it professional and worth your reader’s while.