Being a business owner today means you need to do more than just run your company, you need to be social! Social Media has been a great tool for business owners to speak with their customers and target audience, one problem some businesses have is making social media a 2-way street. Businesses should not just be posting everyday to social media, businesses need to get involved! Think of social media as an online networking event, you go and ask other people what they do and what they need help with in their business and get to know those people. Social media is the same thing; you need to ask questions, get feedback, answer questions, and get involved in your online community!

I did some research on what does it mean to be a social business, and I found this great article from YFS Magazine: Here are a few things they mention in the article that we totally agree with, be sure to read the whole article here

What was most surprising, however not really, was the disconnect between social media strategy and overall business objectives. In our research we found:

  • Only 34% of businesses feel that their social strategy is connected to business outcomes.
  • Just 28% of companies studied felt that they have a holistic approach to social media, where lines of business and business functions work together under a common vision.
  • Only half of companies surveyed said that their top executives were “informed, engaged and aligned with their companies’ social strategy.”


What does it mean to be a social business?

A social business is more than social media. Yet, it’s a term that’s often confused with social media strategy. There’s an important difference between a social business and a social media strategy.

Each represent distinct qualities for which “social” is simply a qualifier. In the context of “media”, social is an adjective that describes the nature of channels, networks, or platforms that facilitate conversations online. When placed ahead of business, social articulates a philosophy or approach.

In this case, “social business” is a philosophy, a way of business in which social technologies supported by new approaches facilitate a more open, engaged, and collaborative foundation for how we work.

Isn’t ‘social’ just, a necessary nuisance?

The fact that social media and social business still cause debate, or even confusion after all these years, is understandable. Many business owners see social media as a novelty or a distraction for young adults and kids. They haven’t realized the impact of social networks because they either:

  • Don’t have time
  • Can’t see the value
  • Find it difficult to keep up with all of the networks
  • Or a combination of all of the above

Understandably, the priority and focus is driving business objectives, creating opportunities, and solving problems. Many founders and CEO’s don’t make decisions based on technology or trends, yet when their teams talk about social they tend to emphasize social media rather than social business goals.


The Goal of a Social ‘Business’ Strategy

A social business strategy starts with a vision for how social media will improve customer and employee experiences and relationships. It aligns social media initiatives with business goals and opportunities. Technology thus becomes an enabler for a bigger mission and purpose.

A social media strategy outlines how a business will employ social networks to engage customers or employees. When social is viewed through the lens of customer expectations, preferences, opportunities and challenges you can’t help but to at least consider further research and pilot programs that lead to bigger initiatives.

In the end, you will learn that a true social business strategy employs social media as one of the primary channels, not the only channel, to deliver a consistent, connected, and additive experience online, through mobile and in the real world by modernizing and improving the complete customer and employee lifecycle.\
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So our question to you is . . .  What is your company doing to be social? Please share with us what has worked and not worked! We want to hear from you!!!!

With the popularity of social media, there is an increasing demand for business owners to market their products and service via social media. In accordance to this, the number of tools and technology to support this marketing strategy is also abundant.


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Google Analytics

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