Emails are the most commonly used communication tool in business today. Businesses, big and small, use email to communicate with their clients and customers. Wouldn’t it be great if every customer and client reads and responds to your email? Unfortunately, most people only read the subject line.

Here are some tips to get your emails noticed and read. Use these tips and you’ll notice an increase in your open and response rates.

Subject line matters

Most people are so focused on the body of the email that they don’t give the subject line much thought. In order to get your email noticed and read, you want your subject line to stand out. Remember, this will be the first thing recipients see when you send an email. If you use generic emails, then you are less likely to get a response. This is especially true if the person receives about a hundred emails a day.

Be specific

Mention in your email what it is specifically you want the person to do. Do you want him/her to click a link to learn more about something? Do you want the recipient to connect you with someone? Or do you want the person to meet with you? Be clear about what you’re asking for.  If the recipient doesn’t know what you want, even after reading the email, he/she likely won’t respond.

Keep it short and simple

Long emails can look intimidating. No one wants to wade through long paragraphs looking for important bits of information.

When it comes to emails, the shorter the better. If possible, limit your message to 3 – 5 sentences. Your emails won’t stand a chance if it takes longer than a few minutes to read. Be considerate of the recipient’s time.

Pay attention to the time of the day

Email is a great way to reach out to your clients or target audience because it feels like a non-intrusive way to get a hold of someone. After all, it will be in their inbox and they’ll see it once they check on their email. But with emails coming in almost every hour, the one you sent last night can easily get lost in the fray.

To improve the chances of your email getting read and responded to, you want to send an email when the person is actively checking on his/her email. Early in the morning, during lunch break or during office hours is the best time to send an email.

Email marketing tips | How to get Email Marketing working for you | Increase email open rate

Email marketing tips | How to get Email Marketing working for you | Increase email open rate | Tips to get your emails open and read