5 Social Media Tips You Need For Your Business

Social media can be overwhelming and daunting as a business owner, some even tend to avoid or do the bare minimum when it comes to social media marketing. We want to help break through that confusion, frustration and make it easier for you as a business owner to be successful with social media marketing!

Here are 5 of our favorite tips when it comes to social media:

  1. Have a purpose and goals:

    What are you wanting out of social media? What is your purpose and goals ? Is it for brand awareness?  To drive people to your website?  To position yourself as an expert in your field?  Whatever it is, write it out and make sure each and every post moves you towards that goal and purpose.

  2. Have a plan:

    Once you know why you are on social media, create a laid-out plan and a content calendar. The content calendar can be weekly, monthly, or even quarterly, whatever works best for your business.  This one tool will make social media so much easier for you.  Think about it, if you know the topics you are going to write and talk about on social media, the content will flow! Think of different causes you are a part of, websites you visit, company news, events, myths, trends, etc.

  3. Choose 1 platform and grow from there:

    This is KEY! Yes, we want you on all the social media platforms but don’t worry about being on all of them all at once.  Select 1 – ideally, it should be the social channel where you can find the bulk of your target market or niche.  Get to know this social channel inside and out so it becomes second nature to you and your business.  THEN, and only then, move on and grow from there.

  4.  Always provide value: 

    What’s in it for me (meaning your audience) Steer away from the selling mentality, we all want more business, but just selling on social media without value isn’t the correct move. If your audience will not benefit from the post, it may be time to re-think your message.

  5. Measure your results:  

    Make sure that whatever you select as your purpose in tip #1 it has the ability to be measured.  If you can’t measure your results, you will never know if you are on the right track or if you need to pivot and adjust your messages.

BONUS TIP:  Your main goal with social media marketing should be STOP THE SCROLL!!! Remember to make each social media post, image, graphic and video compelling enough to stop people from scrolling on by.  Keep your followers intrigued and offer something unique to keep them engaged with your social media account.

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