Facebook live has become increasingly popular with businesses, organizations and the general public. It allows you to stream and share live videos with your fans and followers. It has opened a whole world of opportunities for businesses from around the world.

Facebook live in more than just broadcasting a brief episode on Facebook. It can add a personality to your brand and really work to broaden the sincerity and breadth to your business on Facebook.

What topics can you discuss on Facebook Live?

Whether you are camera shy, feel like you don’t have anything to put out there, or are just dragging your feet, I highly recommend jumping onto Facebook live. This list should help you feel more empowered to find a topic to discuss live!

  1. Hot topics in your business or industry
  2. Q&A or review the FAQ on your website in a video
  3. Breaking news
  4. Conduct an interview
  5. Are you a performer? Perform!
  6. Give a behind the scenes look at your profession
  7. Record a demo or tutorial and teach your fans.

What topics have you found to get a lot of response from your viewers?

Now that you have decided on a topic, there are some tips to help you get the most views and engagement.

6 Tips for Better Facebook Live Engagement

  1. Tell fans you are broadcasting
  2. Make sure you have a strong internet connection
  3. Add a description to your live before you actually click to go live on Facebook
  4. Take the time to say hello to your live viewers and respond to their comments in real-time
  5. Don’t always keep it short – longer broadcasts pick up more viewers
  6. Use a closing line to signal the end of a broadcast

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Here are 4 ways your business can capitalize on Facebook live.

Real time engagement

One of the biggest benefits of using Facebook live is that you get to engage with your audience real time. You can see how many people are watching your video, ask for their opinion, and determine whether or not your content is working. Because of the real time connection with the audience, studies suggest that Facebook live gets 10 times more comments than other contents.

Most business use social media to interact with their audience. You can take it to the next level by using Facebook live. We’ve seen a lot of business use this to conduct Q&A sessions. People can ask whatever they want. Since this is a live version, they can get an answer to their questions in an instant.

It is more convenient

Business owners have a lot on their plate. Sometimes, creating new content can be time consuming. If you want to increase engagement without spending too much time creating new content, Facebook live is the way to.

You can conduct a Q&A session without all the big production behind the content. Live streaming also provides an easy way to disseminate information to your fans and followers. It’s a lot easier than writing a blog post or newsletters.

Create better relationship with your audience

Live videos are spontaneous. They are not rehearsed. There are no cuts. There are no edits. People want authenticity. It’s the total transparency that draws people in. Through these videos, they get to see the people behind the company and interact with them directly. It humanizes your brand and creates a new level of trust. It also provides a more intimate level of engagement.

Reach more people

People have a very short attention span. They prefer to watch a 1-minute video than to read a 1,000 word blog post. Considering that there are more than one hundred million active users on Facebook, you are likely to reach more people with Facebook live. What’s great about live streaming is that it people can watch the video even after it has ended. That means you can engage new audience.