* 62% of people on Social Networks are 25-54 years old?

    * There are over 250 million people that get onto Facebook every day!

    * 4.77 billion followers on Twitter

    * 30.5 million Twitter profiles

    * Each contact you have on your email list can be worth $948 to YOU over the course of a year

    * Studies have shown that the 80/20 rule works, Qwest if they only take care of 20% of the complaints every day that their business will increase 80%

    * People have to “Imprint” you and your info within 48 hours in order to remember who you are and what you do

    * It takes a minimum of 7 times to tell someone who you are and what you do before they remember you and can do business with you

    * It takes at least 21 days or 21 times to create a new habit

    * The average person knows 250 people on a personal level

    * The average small business has worked with over 300 clients

    These are a few things I picked up today, some I already knew and some I did not. Hope you found this interesting!

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