How to get more twitter followers

This resource originally was published by Hubspot.

So you’re new to Twitter. You’re in the right place. But first, it’s important to understand why your followers matter for driving engagement with your business online.

When someone follows you on Twitter they are opting-in to see your Tweets. They’re the ones who will see what your company is like, what you company offers, and what your company thinks is interesting. They’re also the people that are likely to become brand advocates and will be engaging with your content through likes, Retweets, and mentions.
Getting followers isn’t really your end goal. Your end goal is to get people to engage with your Twitter content, thereby engaging with your business, and eventually becoming loyal customers.

When you gain followers on Twitter, it helps you get more customers. And it works! In a Small Business Customer Insight survey, Twitter found that 75% of customers feel more positively about a business after following them on
Twitter, and 69% of customers said they have purchased from a SMB after following them on Twitter.

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