• Content-First Marketing Strategy

    We work with marketing departments and business owners to ensure their digital marketing and content marketing is fulfilling the goals of their content strategy.

  • Close + Delight with Content Marketing

    Our clients find peace of mind that each aspect of their digital marketing is working to lead prospects through the sales cycle, hold their team accountable, and increase the ROI of their efforts.

Sustain and Thrive with Digital Marketing Roadmap

Insights, Strategies + Content Marketing Plans that start with the Customer

The Social Speak Roadmap to Digital Marketing has saved businesses thousands of hours, helps provide consistency, and keeps your team focused on achieving organizational goals.

Over the course of the year, we follow our 5 Step Process to help you see real results of digital marketing through an actionable game plan to your blogging, email marketing, social media, promotion, and lead capture strategy.

Plug-in Content Calendars for Teams + Coaching for Digital Marketing Best Practices

Our mission is to help values-based businesses thrive through effective social media and digital marketing. We work with businesses in the health and wellness industry to not only improve the quality of leads they receive, but also to use technology to form lasting relationships with customers and clients.

We believe in helping you create an authentic presence that reflects your brand and values.

The Social Speak services offer peace of mind, accountability, and help you to create a community of prospects. We stay ahead of marketing trends and technology changes so you can get back to doing what you love.

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editorial calendar for digital marketing

No Plan is a Failed Plan

Improve marketing performance with the right mix of digital marketing expertise, strategy + tactical implementation across channels.

Our goal through our work together is to help you stay focused on what you love about your business and to emphasize your strengths, while we can make sure you are putting your best foot forward online.

We help our clients to understand simple solutions to attract, connect, close + delight their customer with content marketing.

Areas we help with:

exclusive fb group

Customer Acquisition

training and tutorials

Customer Experience


Sales Revenue + Profitability

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