Social media is big and continues to grow and evolve. According to Fast Company, 93% of marketers use social media to promote their business and reach their business goals. Converting followers into paying customers is the ultimate goal of every business. To achieve that goal, you need to have a good social media strategy in place.

If you are a marketing professional in charge of your business, read on. Here are some tactics you can implement to help you get started.

Choose your image wisely

Visual is king in digital marketing. Thanks to the availability of camera phones and social networks emphasizing visual elements, the ease of taking and uploading photos has increased dramatically.

Marketers who use visual content get more followers, more leads and more customer engagement. But to get that attention, you need to connect with the person on the other side of the screen. Choose images that appeal to your target audience, but make sure that it also fits your brand’s voice, style and mood.

Focus on platforms where your customers are

Just like everyone else, most small business owners are pressured to have a presence on every social media platform. The problem is that a hot, new social media tool hits the scene almost every few months, making it extremely difficult to manage all those social accounts.

To make the most out of your social media marketing efforts, you need to focus on platforms where your customers are. Fish where the fishes are. Don’t waste your time, energy and resources fishing in an empty pond.

Get the attention of influencers

An influencer is someone who carries influence over others. In the new world of digital relationships, people are receptive of recommendations from people they trust and respect. In fact, one study revealed that 40% of consumers had made a purchase because of an influencer’s recommendation; while 49% seek purchase guidance from an influencer.

One of the easiest ways to get an influencer’s attention is to share their content. Go ahead and share those contents without asking anything in return. Link out shamelessly and unceasingly. When you do, they are likely to take notice.


The number of tasks a social media manager is expected to do can be quite overwhelming. Not only are they expected to engage with current and new followers, they also update several social media profiles everyday, monitor the effectiveness of their social media campaign and more.

While every social media manager would approach his or her job differently, successful social media managers share a few habits. Focus on these habits to reach new levels of social media success.


Genuinely strive to help others succeed on social media. This attitude will help you build camaraderie, it will also help you stay on top of the game.

When you like or follow someone, they are more likely to reciprocate the gesture and like or follow you back as well. Alternatively, when someone shares your content, do the same for them.

Work with your team

As much as you would like to handle things on your own, you can’t do it alone. Do yourself a favor and build a team consisting of loyal and trustworthy people.

Collaborate with your team and harness a relationship that encourages partnership. This will help you build a strong social media presence and reach your business goals.


Prioritize your week’s plan based on priority rather than urgency.

Every business needs leads, traffic and sales in order to thrive. While having thousands of twitter followers can be beneficial to your brand, it would be a good idea to start by creating a webpage where you can create leads and connect it with your social media account.

Quick on your feet

A lot of things are happening on social media. Most of the time, it is happening pretty fast. Here, you have to be quick on your feet as you are not always given the luxury to take your time.

Negative comments, for instance, requires some quick, critical thinking. You should act quickly and know how to address the issue in order to avoid any negative repercussions.


Some social media managers run ragged in an attempt to keep up with the “always on” medium. That said, you need to give your mind a break from time to time.

This may sound counterintuitive, considering that you don’t want to be inactive on your accounts for too long. However, unplugging at least once a week can help you recharge your social media spirit.


With over 175 million users, LinkedIn is a potent platform that can get you and your business the attention it deserves.

The following 10 steps will walk you through the process of building your LinkedIn network. These steps will help you optimize your LinkedIn presence for networking, marketing and growing your business.

1. Post Your Head Shot

It’s a Social World, if you don’t post a professional-looking headshot, your visitors will think you must be hiding something!

2. Write a Compelling Headline

Instead of just listing your current job title, write (120 character maximum) a compelling headline that describes what you do. Use keywords that will attract your ideal followers. (Insert Keywords)

3. List your Experience

Post your current and 2 most recent past positions. Describe the positions and your role. Use the keywords from your compelling headline.

4. Complete the Summary

The LinkedIn Summary is the place where you can communicate who you are and how you help people. Write your summary in the third person, as too many “I”s may appear self-effacing. Google picks up this section, be sure to insert keywords here!

5. Get Endorsed

List the skills you want your LinkedIn connections to endorse. You receive endorsements when your connections click on the + sign next to each of your particular skills. These endorsements show up on your profile in the Skills & Expertise section. That is why it’s important to complete the Skills & Expertise section with keywords that people in your target market will be searching for to find folks with your experience and background.

6. Request Recommendations

Recommendations require a bit more effort from your connections, as they are LinkedIn’s versions of client testimonials. So, choose your biggest fans and ask them to write you a recommendation.

#7 Complete the Organizations Section

Each organization is hyper-linked to other users who are also members of your listed organizations.

#8 Customize Your LinkedIn URL. 

Edit your URL (located under your profile photo) with your name. For example, mine is . This helps search engines if someone is searching for your name.

#9 Customize Your Website Listing

Located in the “Edit Contact Info” section under your profile box. Chose “Other.”  Edit and name your website.

#10 Make Your Profile PUBLIC TO EVERYONE

Congratulations! Having a completed LinkedIn profile is the most effective way to communicate your background, experience, talents and interests. With a completed profile, you will demonstrate your social saavy!

What to do next:

  • Make sure your profile is 100% completed
  • Create business page
  • Add connections
  • Upload contacts list
  • Get involved with at least 5 good groups
  • Post to those groups as a discussion 1 time a week