Social networking sites have been used by business owners to build their network, engage with their
customers and bring team members together. If you are a business owner and still hasn’t been
embracing the benefits of using social networking sites, now is the best time to hop onboard.

Social media also has the ability of dividing industries as outdated companies usually fall behind their
competitors. With the advancement of technology, it is also seen as a way of opening up opportunities
for small, medium and large businesses. Having said that, it becomes clear that social media is one of
the most important aspects of doing business today.

Developing a social network strategy
Before you decide to open an account and become an active member, you first have to consider what
each site has to offer and how you can benefit from them. Also, take a look at your current social media
strategies and see which one would best suit your target audience. Without a fully-developed plan, you
may end up meandering through a variety of sites and eventually realize that you have wasted too much
time and resources in the process.

Choosing a site
Choose a social networking site that would best fulfill the goals of your marketing strategy. Though most
of these sites are similar in nature, they are also categorized according to the purposes they serve. If you
have enough people to handle a number of social networking sites, then that would be great. If not, it
would be best to focus on 1 or 2.

Social network marketing
This is not about selling your product; it’s about interacting with your followers. Companies who interact
more with their followers and share contents that are related to their brand are the most successful at
converting followers to paying customers.
Feel free to ask questions on your wall, comment on other user’s post or post links and events related to
your business.
Social network recruiting
This is one of the most effective ways of using your networks in finding the best candidates for your
company. Social networks have truly changed how companies build their team. Plus, it helps business
owners to zone in on the best candidates for free.