Have your social media channels hit a plateau?  Does it seem like people aren’t engaging as much as they used to?  PSSST!  It could be your content.  If you are posting the same type of content day after day, it may become a little, well…boring to your followers.  

A good, diverse social media channel includes a variety of posts.  Some of the more popular social media accounts do a good job of mixing up their content.  There tends to be a good blend of:

  • Clean, clear, crisp images
  • Quotables
  • Micro video posts – short “snackable” videos that are easy to consume
  • Live video content
  • Continuously looped video
  • Time-lapsed video
  • Episodic video

Including a mixture of all of the posts listed above helps to:

  • Keep your news feed fresh and exciting
  • Encourage engagement and increase likes, shares, and comments
  • Give your followers a reason to come back to your social accounts day after day

Take the time to learn and discover how to create exciting and engaging posts for your social accounts.  

One final thought…Did you see a trend in the types of content you should be posting?  For the most part, they were all about different types of video.  That speaks volumes about what we can expect to see as social media trends in 2018.