Why have a Facebook Page

Why have a Facebook Page
Recently one of my clients had forwarded an article to me about why you need to have a facebook page for your business, so I clicked on the link http://bit.ly/b5vRrW and the title was Study Shows That Facebook Fans Become Valuable Customers so it talked about how this local Houston bakery had increased their business exponentially due to their Facebook Page called ”Sweet”. This is what they said:
(In the Italic are my thoughts)
Here are 5 key takeaways from Dessert Gallery’s example:
1. Use Facebook and other social media sites to establish an online presence, reaching a larger audience and attracting potential customers, prospects, vendors and even media. Using a Facebook Page is a great way to reach not only into your own community but also into many more, you can build great relationships, which then build trust and then build business and customers.
2. Engage with your community for free and easily post up-to-date information about promotions, new products, upcoming events, etc. Social Networking like Facebook is FREE for people to join which makes this a very cost effective way to promote your business. Keeping people up to date online can save money on printing inside the store/shop, posting coupons online for your fans to see and use is measurable way to track where your NEW clients/customers are coming from. By posting events and coupons this keeps your community up to date and not only that it makes them feel a part of your business, this builds relationships. On Facebook pages you are able to post pictures and videos; here you are able to show new products that you have. Remember 85% of our world’s people are visual so having pictures is a great way for them to purchase online or come in and shop!
3. Strengthen customer relations by interacting with customers directly on a social level as opposed to a business level. A lot of what I talk about is building relationships with your prospects and current clients/customers and the interacting part of Facebook is remarkable, you can also stay up to date on them! Facebook has a totally different feel to it then when people just stop by your shop or speak to you a couple times a month.
4. Listen to customers’ feedback. Customers are more likely to share reviews about products/services as well as good or bad experiences online, so utilize the information presented for your company’s benefit. I cannot tell you enough how important this tool can be. When I started my business one thing I was told is a successful business owner is always open to feedback and constructive criticism, I think about this every day. Using this tool and asking for your customers/clients feedback is a great way to interact with them and then incorporating their ideas or at least valuing their opinions.
5. Keep expenses low by building a Facebook Fan Page for free. Take advantage of low-cost, online resources instead of spending money on direct mail and paper advertisements
. I LOVE that Social Networking is FREE! I think all businesses need to be doing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube because they are all such great tools for you to grow your business and reach thousands of people. One of the major fears that small to large size businesses have is how much everything is going to cost and what will their return be. By utilizing the amazing marketing tool and internet marketing strategy you can really see a huge return and didn’t even have to spend a penny! That is a smart business owner.

If you have questions or need help getting YOUR Facebook page set up please let us know. We would love to help you get your page set up and start growing your business.

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