The traffic on mobile Smartphones is constantly increasing; and there is no reason it will slow down any time soon. It is no secret that today’s consumers are constantly in sync with their mobile phones.  As a marketer, you want to be where your consumers are.

Have you tried to access your company website from your mobile phone? Most websites are not compatible with a smaller screen, and they may be difficult to use. Make sure that your website is optimized for mobile, or establish a mobile friendly application. Do not underestimate what your consumers may be using their smartphones for – it is best to assume your company website falls into that realm. So, make it easy on your consumers.

Reading email is one of the most common activities that take place on a Smartphone. Make sure that any email you send to a client is ultimately designed for a small screen. This means use larger fonts, large images, and concise content. Make sure the subject lines are attention grabbing and do not appear as spam.

Constant access to the Internet means that consumers may be researching your company while they are physically in your store. Embrace this information. Focus on the quality of not only your product, but your customer service as well.

Convenience on the go is what drives mobile marketing. Use this to your advantage to reach your consumers. Evaluate the mobile interaction with your company from your client’s perspective.

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