new webinar - editorial calendars for business

Creating an Editorial Calendar for your Business

Aren’t editorial calendars only used by magazines and journals as they pull together articles on different topics and match advertisers? NO! Your business can and should create an editorial calendar for your blogging, newsletters, and even social media posts. Editorial calendars for businesses work as a way to streamline content creation and help to ensure you stay ahead of holidays and other events that can be built into your promotion strategy.

In this webinar, you will learn what an editorial calendar looks like for your business and how to create one today:

Join Caitlin McDonald on August 30th 3:30pm MST

August 30, 2016
Free Webinar – Details provided to RSVP’s
3:30-4:15pm MST

Anyone with a computer and internet connection has the ability to manage a social media account. When done right, businesses can see huge boosts in brand recognition and sales. If managed poorly, social media can be the downfall of your business.

The BIMS Team prides itself on keeping on top of the best practices of digital marketing and Caitlin is excited to empower you to feel confident in creating an editorial calendar for marketing your business!