5 Ways Healthcare Professionals Can Engage Gen Z Patients

Millennials might have the spotlight for the time being, but Generation Z has arrived! They’re set to become an influential consumer segment in the years to come.

This group is predicted to make up one-third of the working population by 2025. Gen Z represents a huge opportunity for sustainable growth. And you wouldn’t want to ignore them.

Gen Zs are highly tech-savvy. They’re value-driven and socially conscientious. Unfortunately, using the same marketing strategy for millennials won’t work with this market.

Use these tips to make sure you’re marketing to Gen Z patients the right way.

Meet them where they are 

As a generation that is born into a world of the internet and smart devices, these younger patients spend as much time on their phones as the older generations do watching TV. That said, they expect their healthcare experience to be digital too.

According to SproutSocial, 65% of Gen Z have increased their use of social media in the last year. To create meaningful connections with the younger audience, you need to have a solid online presence and make sure that you tailor your message to each social platform.

Go beyond your Facebook page and meet your audience where they are. If your brand’s target audience includes individuals aged 30 and below, you should be on Tiktok right now. You don’t necessarily have to dance or participate in challenges.

If you’re a gynecologist, you can use the platform to share helpful information about sex education. If you’re a dermatologist, you can talk about the importance of sunscreens.

Remember, each platform has its own voice and audience. So make sure that you tailor your message to resonate, not just with Gen Z but with a diverse audience.

Create short but helpful content

Gen Z’s attention span is shorter than millennials. So if you want to engage with them, your focus should be creating snappy but meaningful content.

Gen Z is our most health-conscious generation. But they also like convenience. That said, you can show them how to create healthy meals in 10 minutes. Or maybe feature a 10-minute exercise routine that they can do at home.

Choose influencers with care

Influencer marketing is excellent tool to reach them. In fact, influencers now have even greater appeal than yesterday’s celebrities. Why? Because they’re more relatable and resonate well with the younger audience.

In fact, Gen Zs are nearly twice as likely as millennials to make a purchase based on an influencer’s recommendation.

But remember that this younger demographic values individual expression. If you decide to work with an influencer to increase brand awareness and build trust, make sure that you choose your influencers wisely.

Do some research before reaching out to an influencer. Take a look at their social media pages. Look beyond their follower count and pay attention to their content. \

Be accessible

Gen Zs are more likely to seek advice from social media or their network for answers. These young patients are an impatient bunch and are not willing to wait in line.

Like it or not, they aren’t loyal to their healthcare providers. They prefer easier, more convenient, and accessible healthcare services, so they’re not tied to time or location. This is why many of them would opt for emergency care, walk-in clinics, or concierge centers. Others would just Google their condition and self-medicate.

If you’re looking to capture the attention of Gen Z patients, then you need to be accessible. Remember that most of them are glued to their phones most of the time. You can reach and interact with this group by creating informational but engaging video content.

Also, being accessible via social media or an app can help you capture the attention of Gen Z patients.

Be transparent and honest

Gen Z craves transparency and authenticity in marketing. They are drawn to brands that “keep it real.” This intelligent and informed generation doesn’t hesitate to boycott brands and companies over false advertising and unethical business practices.

There is no better way to show transparency in healthcare than by sharing your patients’ stories. Younger patients are extremely invested in what others say about a service or practice.

Patients themselves are the most effective communicators. Plus, they’re far more effective than images of your facility. Make sure that you get the patient’s consent before posting it online.

Final thoughts

Having grown up with social media and smartphones in hand, these digital natives wouldn’t have known life without a touch screen. That said, you also need to adapt your marketing strategies to younger audiences.

If you need help tailoring your marketing efforts to reach the younger demographic, schedule a free 30-minute consultation call with us.

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