5 Social Media Trends to Follow

Here are 5 social media trends we spoke about on our radio show that are important to pay attention to while putting together your social media strategy.

1) Content

How to use video and images to stop the scroll, text to image ratio, A video on Facebook receives 135% more organic reach (non-paid advertising) Thank a single photo posted on Facebook. Stop the scroll!  Make sure your posts are interesting enough for people to want to stop and view, watch, listen and read your content.

2) Apps 

There a hundreds of different apps you can use, there are just a few of our favorite. Best apps to use to create compelling images and posts are WordSwag, Ripl, Flipagram, Typorama

3) Brand Message

Did you know that people like Facebook for online shoppers – is it clear and add shop button to FB page, 42% of people who like a business page on Facebook do so to receive coupons and special offers. What have you offered in your business page lately? Adding an offer to your business page is a great way to track marketing efforts!

Roughly 93% of online shoppers consult social media before buying. Online shoppers read social media reviews, monitor brand engagement and get to know the brand before making a commitment to buy. What message is your brand sending on social media?

4) Emojis

Emojis can help you show emotion through content with your social media posts, texts and even blogs. You may experience a 33% increase in comments and engagement when you do!

5) Content Calendar

Keep posts simple! Did you know? Posts with less than 150 characters get up to 60% MORE engagement! Create an editorial calendar. By doing some planning up front, it will really save you time on being consistent in your message on social media. When planning your editorial calendar of content, don’t forget to plan in content that works well with annual holidays and the seasons of your business. Remember to be flexible with your calendar so it allows you to pivot and make room for trending topics that may impact your business. Make sure your team has a copy of the editorial calendar so they can stay focused on what your business’ message is month to month.

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