Most business people are used to the notion of having live events with paid attendees along with great attendance. I have noticed over the past year that has changed.  The numbers in networking events, workshops, seminars, and classes have gone down in attendance. It seems to me like people are wanting to stay in the comfort of their own home or office, rather that continuosly going to event after event after event. This has hurt the businesses of trainers, coaches, and teachers. Some people are about to give up on teaching because they think that there is no other way out there to teach others what they know.

WAIT there is . . . there are many options to continue what you love to do and have paid attendees and great attendance. With the technology today we have many great options like Webinars, Tele-seminars, Recorded online classes, and YouTube videos. Webinars and Tele-seminars can be found at,,, these are great resources to look into. With Webinars, there is a visual presentation and people like that. You can have an introduction video or just have a slide show of the content of the class. This is a great way for people nationwide to see you and grow your business. Tele-Seminars are where people have a call number and code and they call into you. This does not have any pictures and is a great tool to use for people that do not like to be on video. Tele-Seminars can be recorded or done live. This is also a great interaction tool where live people are able to ask questions and be interactive with you. Webinars have the same thing. Both of these options have the ability to charge for the event and also count RSVP, and then you promote them the same way as you would a live event, for example; networking events, pass out flyers, social media, website, facebook ad Etc.

YouTube videos are a great way for an introduction overview that you can blast out to your contacts and keep them up to date on current events you have. This is where people that are use to doing live events have a problem; they miss that live face to face interaction. With video you can still have face to face, just not person to person. The one thing I like to most about webinars and tele-seminars is they can all be recorded! This is a great way to create online product to sell to other clients and/or customers. By allowing yourself to create online products it will really will free up a lot of your time.

Think about it . . . if you could spend 3-5 hours a week creating online products such as video courses, recorded calls, e-books Etc. You could then send the rest of the time promoting your products and letting people come to you, rather than driving all around town teaching, finding a place to hold the event, figuring out cost, making promotional materials, drive time. Your time is the most valuable thing in business so we need to choose wisely. I look forward to seeing your products.

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