Learn about Constant Contact and how it can be used to help your business grow.

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  1. email marketing
    email marketing says:

    What a rich article. I agree with you 100%. Your email is you. It is all a person may ever see. Your grammar, tone, aesthetic appearance, all come together when anyone opens your email. We can’t help it, we form some sort of opinion of the sender. It’s just human nature.

    Knowing this, as you have previously said, we must triple check ourselves, making sure that we are not sloppy or lazy about our grammar or punctuation.

    It is hard enough to be creative, but that can go down the drain, with a typo or poorly stated text.

  2. Chethan Kashyap
    Chethan Kashyap says:

    This is a very good article. I liked it very much. Yes, I do agree with the author. It is very much important to spell-check the words and grammar of the sentence before dispatching the content to its destination. Otherwise, due to a small misspell word can create a huge damage to the business.

  3. Brady
    Brady says:

    Check out RhinoSEO.com. They let you put in 50,000 emails and send an unlimited number of emails. It also does lead tracking, and analysis so you can automatically collect, and group lead types in email lists.

    They also do complete visitor tracking so you can see what you email visits do after they click on the link and compare your site to other competitors.

  4. Amber Montel
    Amber Montel says:

    I can help you out with Internet Marketing. What do you need help on? Creating a plan, managing it? I look forward to being able to assist you.

  5. Amber Montel
    Amber Montel says:

    We put on full day seminars that teach on SEO, Internet Marketing and Email Marketing. Our next one is in October. Marketing Artfully with Tara Jacobsen is awesome on SEO stuff as well.

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