With social media marketing, there is always a new platform coming out to learn. Pinterest happens to be the latest social media channel, and it is quickly becoming a popular site among users. Pinterest lets users “pin” things they find on the web that they like onto an online pin board. This new platform has great potential for small businesses selling visually unique products in particular.

Another appealing element to Pinterest is its strong social factor. Users can share their pins with followers on Twitter and fans on Facebook. These pins can then be repined and shared. Furthermore, users are also able to make new pins from anything they find on the web, or other social media sites.

Marketers everywhere are starting to discover how much potential Pinterest has to offer. Here are a few things to expect if your company starts using Pinterest.

1. More traffic to your site

After importing a “pin” (an image) to Pinterest, the site then links that pin back to its original source. For example, if a restaurant posts a pin of one of their best dishes, users can click on the image and will be directed to that restaurant’s website. This element of Pinteret will certainly drive traffic to your main site and increase your company’s SEO.

2. More insights into followers’ interests

Companies are using Pinterest for market research. The site is a great way to connect with consumers knowing that anyone can create a pin board in the site. This means that a clothing boutique could use Pinterest to discover what trends users are sharing with others. Then, using this information, the retailer could use these trends and styles and post similar clothing onto their pin boards. Or, they could use this information to make their own board that users could pin clothing trends that they’d like to see in that boutique. This gives businesses great feedback and insight from their followers.

3. More relationships with customers

New companies will find great success using Pinterest to get their name out there and create lasting relationships with new customers. The pin boards are public, so anyone can see and share pins. With a strong brand community, businesses will ultimately expand, and sharing your product images on Pinterest is sure to spark interest around your brand.

With any social media channel, it’s important to have strong connections and be active and engaged with your followers. Simply sending out promotions is not the way to start to reach customers. With Pinterest, users will immediately follow businesses that provide them with valuable content that connects with them on a personal level. After gaining a solid base of followers, slowly engage more and more with promoting your brand, but first begin by joining Pinterest to connect with people. Repin things you’re interested in and create your own pin board to get your business rolling with Pinterest!






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