No matter how experienced we are, there are still a lot of things that remain a mystery. Most of these things are focused on why people choose to do what they do.

If you are running a business, you may get frustrated over people who unfollow you. You try to modify your tweeting style in an effort to make them happy and pay attention to your follower count in order to make sure that that it does not go down. Yet, your followers seem to reduce in number over time. Why?

In an attempt to help you answer this question, we have compiled a number of reasons why people unfollow you on Twitter. Read on and curb these annoying Twitter habits.

You forgot the “social”

No one would be interested to follow someone who is excessively promotional. There is nothing wrong in tweeting something about yourself or your company. But if every single tweet revolves about your products or service, then you are not being social.

You don’t have much to say

Twitter is a very noisy platform. A lot of users browser their timelines regularly. However, if you are not tweeting on a regular basis, your followers will most likely lose interest in you.

Space your tweets evenly throughout the day. Try to tweet a few times in a day and make sure to tweet your most important updates at different times so as not to lose your follower’s interest.

You disappear for days/weeks

It is important to check in regularly and respond to retweets, direct messages and mentions. Blasting out tweets and not engaging with your followers is definitely not cool.

Engage with your followers and make an effort to respond to them every single day, including weekends. Don’t allow your profile to look like a ghost town.

You have anger management issues

Nobody would be interested to follow someone who can’t seem to control his/her temper. Too much negativity is one of the major reasons to unfollow someone. Go outside and calm down.

You are a flood tweeter

You’re excited about something and you want everyone to know about it, we get that. However, you don’t have to tweet several times in order to get the message across. Learn to space your tweets.