The latest social media craze is Pinterest. Currently, Pinterest is not as big as Facebook and Twitter, but companies should look into adding Pinterest to their social media strategy to build up their brand.

Pinterest is an online “pinboard;” users can “pin” content and images they are interested in and can share it with users with similar interests, family and friends.

Just since last May, Pinterest’s audience has grown 76%! This shows just how relevant this site is becoming. In fact, it’s becoming one of the fastest developing social media site ever and is a great site to use to show off products and get noticed.

Right now, brands should develop their image on Pinterest before the site explodes and becomes even more popular. Become a brand already noticed on Pinterest right now before you become lost amongst even more brands in the future looking to join the site.

Build a strong presence on Pinterest now so you get used to the site and know exactly how to use it efficiently. The site is the newest way to visually show off what you have to offer in a new way that Facebook and Twitter cannot. Furthermore, it allows you to build strong relationships with consumers who share your same interests.

After finding these consumers who are passionate about your brand, they will share your content on the site, ultimately bringing you more consumers who fit into your target audience.

Make your boards fun, creative and exciting to get some attention and highlight what you have to offer. Pinterest is great for retailers showing off fashion trends, restaurants showing off their best dishes and brands that really target the youth culture-music, movies, celebrities, festivals, etc.

Give Pinterest a shot and give the world visually pleasing images of what your brand has to offer and watch your brand identity and loyalty grow!

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