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Understanding your patient’s journey and How to market to them online

From the moment a patient seeks medical care for an injury or makes an appointment with their family doctor to determine the cause of their recent symptoms, the patient has begun a journey during which multiple people may be involved. Hospitals, physicians, nurses, and other providers, may all be, at one point or another, involved […]

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How to Use Digital Marketing to Grow your Healthcare Practice

As a healthcare practice, it is really important to stay top of mind with your current patients and also future patients. By using digital marketing there are so many ways to stay connected. One question we get asked a lot is:   “How do we increase our engagement and promote our practice with digital marketing?” […]


How to Create a Strong Video Marketing Strategy

I’m sure you have heard the craze around video marketing, right? It’s 2019 people! At this point in the digital marketing game, you HAVE to implement video marketing! And I am not talking about the cheesy videos, or you hiding behind a presentation and just having your voice being heard. I am talking about getting […]


How to prioritize your task list

By utilizing the Eisenhower Matrix, you can divide your tasks into 4 different boxes and be able to focus on what is most important, schedule what is important but not urgent, delegate everything you can and then don’t do the things that don’t serve a purpose in your business. The Eisenhower Box: How to be […]


Personal Branding Tips

We have been talking to our clients a lot about building their personal brand and how to do that. In this video, below I share with you 7 tips on building your personal brand. Personal Branding Tips 1. Work on building relationships 2. Really understand your value that you offer 3. Be authentic and transparent […]